Village & Surrounds

Practical Things


Café, Salon de The, restaurants, santon and pottery workshops, artist retreat, antiques store, specialist poster and postcard shop.


(2 minutes drive)

All your everyday needs – bakers, butchers, bank, mini market, paper shop, more cafes and restaurants, hairdresser, doctor, dentist.

Vaison la Romaine

(< 10 minutes drive)

This is the main shopping centre, well serviced – post office, newsagency with foreign papers, good supermarkets and speciality shops, lively even ‘out of season’.

Look for the fromagerie in the centre, it is a challenge to the senses, just point and hope for the best.

Buy special pastries and confectionary (try the sweets that look like black and green olives) from the patisserie opposite the Maison de Press (the newsagency) and get your phone cards to operate the house phone from the Tobac up the road.